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The Event

Gallery Exhibit and Performance Event

Cultural Exchange Toronto is an event that features the work of local artists showcasing the importance of cross-cultural collaborations in all creative forms.

Our first event happened August 28th, 2019 at 117 John Street. This evening of community and collaboration was filled with good energy, music, a live performance, interactive art installations, and a photo/video gallery.

Creator: Veronica Georgieva

Manager: Jenna Borsato

Installation: Abhishek Wagle

Performer: Siddartha

DJs: Wavgods

Visual Artists:

Chelsea Attong & Abhishek Wagle

Gallery Photographer & Videographer: Veronica Georgieva

Nook Installation: Veronica Georgieva


Sarah Braithwaite, Amy Wu, Celine Pothorin, Siddartha, Mustafa Bendago, Veronica Georgieva

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