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The beginning of my solo adventure.

Three weeks traveling alone.

Some look at that and wonder, why would you do something like that? Aren't you scared? Don't you get lonely?

I got asked many times by people who would never see themselves make the same decision.

On the other hand, I met people who had been traveling on their own for months to years. Others understood my need to explore the world in my own perspective. And three weeks is very short in comparision to what others have done. It was interesting to see the way people react in shock to something that I find so natural.

You may have your own oppinion.

Mine is that, this was something I needed to do on my own.

There is something so incredibly special about bringing yourself to the many wonders of this world and allow yourself to be completly engolfed in its glory. Its a feeling I can describe to you, but just would never have the same effect unless you were to experience it youself.

I had no plans, I had no expectations. All I had booked was my flight to and from Portugal. I had a boy tell me I was playing games. The way I had envisioned this trip was surrounded by complete freedom. I wanted no fixed dates. I only wanted to listen to what my body and mind was telling me is desired. I had spent that year working and going where I was obligated to go, and I wanted to really spend quality time with my mind and my heart.

Oh what a wild ride I have taken myself on.

The people I have met, the places I ended up, the peace, the craze.

I have left home many times before for months at a time. But for some reason, this time was more difficult. I booked this trip at a time when I was stressed, and desperatly needed time to myself. I was craving a new and spontaneos adventrue. After I booked my trip, my friends and I found a new environment that we absolutly fell in love with. Met people whom we connected with in such a short amount of time, it was truely special. I guess all I'm trying to say is that, I was on such a high with my happiness and the rythem that we had found that I didnt want it to end.

I am so lucky to have such a strong group of incredible people back home supporting me unconditionally.

Self-love and self care is so important. Take yourself on a trip.

Allow yourself to be free. Make no plans. Have no expectations.

If you feel sad. Feel sad, and then feel better. Allow the eath to cleanse your soul.

There is a beautiful beach in the south west coast of Portugal, Amoeria. I spent the day surfing,

As the sun was starting to set, I decided to hike up the side of the cliff. It was a short hike, but I was the only one making my way up. There were maybe 4 surfers left in the waters and the surf shop was just closing up. The moment I made it to the highest point, my breath escaped me. The ocean was so majestic, the cliffs were elegantly carved, and I sat completly alone. In that moment though, I had never felt more together.

"for a moment we were able to be still" - Florence Welch

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