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Cultural Exchange Toronto

Lets create.

This is a project created to allow a space for cross-cultural collaborations. How do we as designers and artists learn and find inspirations from the cultures that surround us in a positive and creative way?


It is important to learn and not be afraid to ask questions. It is important to teach rather than to judge. The purpose of this project is to become aware of the cultures that make up our city of Toronto.


Our generation is filled with children of immigrants and multiple cultural backgrounds including the cultures that have existed since before colonization. We are bound as humans to be inspired by other cultures besides our own. This is a type of diversity that gives us an endless amount of creative possibilities.


Lets learn about our own backgrounds and of those around us. 

Lets create through exchange.

2019 Gallery

2018 Gallery

Why is this important to me?

This project is something that has been created from my travel and cultural experiences. It is a topic I hold very dear to my heart. 

I am Bulgarian Canadian. I have been raised in two different cultures growing up and I have always had a love for my family's traditions and values. I have had the opportunity and ability to travel to 26 countries over the past few years. This has allowed me to grow in my experiences and has exposed me to many cultures that have defined me.

In 2011 I lived in Madrid for three months on a student exchange. I learned Spanish and became very close to my host family that I still continue to see when I am able to travel. This led to my continuous education in Spanish and Latin American culture completing a Spanish minor at Ryerson University. 

In the summer of 2017 I travelled and volunteered in South India with an incredible organization, Year Out India. I completely fell in love with the country and the many cultures that are found within it's regions.

It is so important to travel if you have the opportunity to. Living in Toronto we have such an amazing ability to learn from others that we should all take advantage of. I encourage people to learn and step out of their comfort zone. Especially as artists. 

Through this project I hope to collaborate with other artists and create culturally diverse content. 



Be a part of

the exchange

Message if you are interested in being a part of Cultural Exchange Toronto or in collaborating in any potential projects.



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