Hello & welcome to my online portfolio. 

I am a designer, traveler and photographer based in Toronto working in the entertainment industry. My studies have focused on set and costume design. 

I have been living, studying and working in Toronto, Ontario for the past five years. I completed my undergraduate at Ryerson University for Performance Production. 

Since moving to Toronto, I have been working as a theatrical stagehand with IATSE Local 58. Working with this union has allowed me to grow in my field and has exposed me to many opportunities in the theatre world. 

I have designed sets for productions that were performed at the Ryerson School of Performance. Throughout my four years I have grown and become well rounded in various departments such as carpentry, scenic painting and wardrobe.

I have traveled to 26 countries over the past few years. My passion for photography and video has grown as I continued to travel each year. I love experiencing new cultures and exploring mother natures beauty. 

​Make this life yours.


Veronica Georgieva

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